The Gonzales Joe Bailey Memorial doucmentary is being produced by Chris Elley, owner and director of Electro-Fish Media.
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Selected Honors
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Winner & Special Jury Award – WorldFest International Film Festival
Winner – Farmington Funny Film Festival
3-Time Winner – 2004 Telly Awards
Winner – Oxford Film Festival
Finalist – U.S. National Short Film Competition
Gonzales Joe Bailey Documentary
Status Update 10/18/07

The story of Gonzales Joe Bailey captured our imaginations nearly three years ago when the committee approached Electro-Fish Media. From the outset, we knew that a documentary on this horse and his legacy would be a wonderful story and a service to the community of Gonzales and small towns across America. Simply put, this story’s essence is the essence of America and its agricultural roots.

The story of Joe Bailey has unique features that will allow us to translate it very well to film, so that we may reach the generations of today and tomorrow. These features include a healthy dose of humor alongside a huge helping of passion. From our experience in film, we know that the presence of these elements, sets the foundation for a film that can absolutely connect with people, and that’s what this project is about… connecting the past with the future.

When the film is completed, today’s adults and young adults will have a glimpse back in time to the sense of community that held Gonzales together and continues to reveal itself today. Our hope is that kids who grew up glued to PlayStation might consider how engaging it could be to take on the challenge of the outdoors. Perhaps those who leave for college degrees in big cities might consider the value they could bring back home to their community with their newfound skills. Perhaps household shoppers around the country might think a little bit more about the value of buying locally and depending on American-produced foods and goods. As easily as these concepts can be ignored in modern American life, they can also be gently reminded or even freshly explained with a film like this one.

Electro-Fish Media couldn’t be more excited to have already filmed some wonderful footage for this documentary. From the thoughts and stories of respected horse writer Phil Livingston in Weatherford to the actual exhumation of Joe Bailey’s bones, we have a terrific start on this project. Electro-Fish is committed to the successful completion and future of this film. We’re even shooting in high definition to ensure that the final master will be able to translate to the video formats and distribution systems of future generations.

We’re already more than 15% of the way through production of the film. We can’t wait for the opportunity to resume principal photography and move into post production. Thank you to all of you who have empowered the film to reach this point, including the full filming of the historic exhumation and transfer process. Thank you to those who are considering a gift to take our next steps in this telling this critical story.

Chris Elley
Electro-Fish Media LLC