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Gonzales Joe Bailey Stories

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005
Hi!  My sisters and I are thrilled that Joe Bailey is going to be honored for the great horse that he was.  Our grandfather, J B Ellis, and our uncle, Conrad Dickinson, owned Joe Bailey, as you probably know.  Our father, Viron Ellis, rode Joe Bailey in horse races in the early days!  We leased Grandma and Granddad's ranch and ran our cattle out there--so we petted and talked to Joe Bailey many afternoons as he strolled about his own private pasture in front of the Dickinson/Ellis ranch house.  Fond memories, indeed. 

Mayron Ellis Cole

Date: January 20, 2006
I read with personal interest the story of Gonzales Joe Bailey in the current issue of the Quarter Horse Journal.  Foaled in 1945, my favorite mare Star Dust was a Gonzales Joe Bailey  daughter.  She was exceptionally even-tempered and one of those horses that a  12  year old kid just jumped on and rode.  That is just what I did when she was about 18 months old.  I can't remember that she ever had any professional training, and I remember riding her in the Caldwell County Centennial parade when she was about two and then in a show that afternoon.  She and I were inseparable until I went off to college, but  I would come home from time to time for a ride.
I got out an old photograph of her that I have had on a bathroom wall for 10 or 15 years.  In comparison, she and her sire are  much alike in color and muscular build and even the blaze.  Of course, I think she was prettier, and probably younger than he was in the photograph.
Patsy Kimball

Date: October 20, 2006
My mare is a descendant of the [Gonzales Joe] Bailey line. She was foaled on 4/27/1982. Her name is Pines April Dawn. AQHA will probably show her as living in Colorado still, but she is here in Texas.

Her story: April was owned by Floyd Britt of Lafayette Indiana. The mare belonged to his wife and was used to produce many foals that went on to careers in the reining and cutting pens. Floyd once told me her foals were always the first to be sold. Floyd befriended me in the 80's when I was a young mother and had sold all my horses to make expenses. He had quite a crop of babies each year and many 2 yr olds that needed started. I went to work for him keeping horses ready for sale and showing horses to prospective buyers.
Years later, Floyd's son called me to tell me Floyd had passed away. Floyd wanted me to have April and his stallion Doc Joe Jack. So April made the trip out to Colorado and the Stallion was sent off to Michigan to stand Stud. April helped to teach my children to ride and packed them around our place in Colorado. She moved to Texas in 1999 with our family and will remain on our ranch until she passes on. Floyd knew I would care for her into her old age. He loved that mare and could not part with her after his wife died. I figure I have a "Contract with the Angels". April will only leave in her own time and way, until then she hangs out with the babies and teaches them manners in the herd.
April's breeding has her descending from the Bailey line on her Dam's side. She is loaded up with some great blood lines, two Eyed Jack, Poco Pine and Bailey Bee. She is a classic little mare at just under 15 hands, solid blood bay with a pretty head. Like her babies, she is the one horse that visitors pick out of the pasture and comment on. She's a "looker".

Debra Bruner